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ZooMed is a global leader in reptile products and accessories

The ZooMed line includes a variety of premium quality products and accessories for your reptiles.These include: Heating, lighting, food, vitamins, substrate, terrarium accessories and much more!

Here is the catalog of the Zoomed product range. If you would like an item in this catalog that we do not have in store, write to us at [email protected]

Zoomed Catalog

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Zoomed Creatures™ Food Pellets

Creatures™ Food Pellets

Small (1/16″) pellet size to accommodate most omnivorous pet invertebrates


Zoomed Creatures™ Humane Live Insect Catcher

Creatures™ Humane Live Insect Catcher

Tongs for catching live insects.


Zoomed Creatures™ Feeding Block

Creatures™ Feeding Block

Mineral block with Creatures Food Pellets inside, a good complementary food for beetles and cockroaches.


Zoomed Arboreal Feeding Platform

Arboreal Feeding Platform

Directly attaches to your terrarium glass with a super-duty suction cup.


Zoomed Eco Carpet™

Eco Carpet™

Soft, absorbent, non-abrasive carpet for many species of snakes, lizards, tortoises and insects.


Zoomed Natural Bush™ Plants – Cashuarina

Natural Bush™ Plants – Cashuarina

Create your own jungle with Natural Bush natural bushes.


Zoomed Multiport Fogger Attachment

Multiport Fogger Attachment

3-way mist divider that can supply humidity to 3 terrariums from a nebulizer.


Zoomed TurtleMatic™


Automatically feeds your turtle daily with a 12 hour sleep at night to avoid wasting.


Zoomed TurtleClean 10 & 20 Replacement Cartridge

TurtleClean 10 & 20 Replacement Cartridge

Replacement cartridge for "Turtle Clean" filter


Zoomed TurtleClean 20

TurtleClean 20

Very efficient filter at low power. Provides sufficient filtration for turtle tanks holding up to 10 and 20 gallons of water.


Zoomed Paludarium Filter Cartridge

Paludarium Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge.


Zoomed Paludarium filter

Paludarium filter

Paludarium Filter for Aquatic Animals