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ZooMed is a global leader in reptile products and accessories

The ZooMed line includes a variety of premium quality products and accessories for your reptiles.These include: Heating, lighting, food, vitamins, substrate, terrarium accessories and much more!

Here is the catalog of the Zoomed product range. If you would like an item in this catalog that we do not have in store, write to us at [email protected]

Zoomed Catalog

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Zoomed Adjustable snake hook

Adjustable snake hook

This adjustable hook from Zoo Med is perfect for handling small snake species.


Zoomed Turtle Clean™ 30 Mechanical Filter Sponge

Turtle Clean™ 30 Mechanical Filter Sponge

Turtle Clean ™ 30 Mechanical Filter Sponge


Zoomed "Turtle Clean 318" / Submersible Filter

"Turtle Clean 318" / Submersible Filter

This product is an ideal filter for turtle tanks. This filter is designed to filter turtle tanks up to 30 gallons.



Zoomed Metal feeding tongs 10"

Metal feeding tongs 10"

This 10 '' steel clamp is designed to feed your reptile safely. It can be used to handle small insects or rodents.