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Treasures underwater

Creating the perfect environment for your reptiles has never been easier; thanks to our wide choice of supplies

Add usefulness to the decor of your reptiles by selecting quality products that your animal needs in its living environment. Our product lines are easy to maintain and provide a hiding place and a safe element for climbing, while being very decorative.

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Treasures underwater Forest Friend

Forest Friend

A combination of tree and human.


Treasures underwater Birdman Skull

Birdman Skull

A very rare decoration that you can add to the decoration of your favorite animal.


Treasures underwater Buccaneer Skull

Buccaneer Skull

It is the perfect decoration for those looking for a spooky atmosphere.


Treasures underwater Warrior skull

Warrior skull

A nice decoration if you are tired of the cute and conventional decorations.


Treasures underwater Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur Skull

This incredibly realistic dinosaur skull is perfect for those passionate about archeology of the largest reptiles that have roamed the planet.


Treasures underwater Badland Ledge

Badland Ledge

Perfect decoration for who is looking for a dynamic decoration on several levels.


Treasures underwater Log w/ Hideout

Log w/ Hideout

Very realistic hiding bark for aquarium or terrarium.


Treasures underwater Round Rock - Arch

Round Rock - Arch

Decoration; an arch in the form of incredibly realistic rocks.


Treasures underwater 7 '' luna lily plant

7 '' luna lily plant

Magnificent range of artificial plants to complete your personalized aquatic environment.


Treasures underwater Crocodile Skull - Mini

Crocodile Skull - Mini

To compliment your personalized aquatic environment, this incredibly realistic decoration is handmade and painted using only the highest quality materials.


Treasures underwater Bamboo Lace Scene - 8"

Bamboo Lace Scene - 8"

Non-toxic decor that looks really realistic for freshwater or saltwater aquarium


Treasures underwater Wooden Dock

Wooden Dock

Enhance your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with this beautiful hand-made and painted bridge.