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Powder replacement meal for your reptile

Whether it's to feed your reptile, insect or hermit crab, we have the complete meal replacement and vitamins supplement to keep your pet healthy; just add water.

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Repashy Vitamin A Plus 3 oz

Vitamin A Plus 3 oz

Our micro-fine vitamin A supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Contains preformed vitamin A as well as natural ingredients that provide beta-carotene.


Repashy SuperVite 3 oz

SuperVite 3 oz

Our Micro Fine Vitamin Powder Supplement. Contains both preformed vitamin A and beta-carotene.


Repashy Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Gel food for ominivorous or herbivorous reptiles, enriched with Vitamin and minerals and containing 70% real dried fruits. Ideal for skinks, bearded dragons, iguanas, anoles, and turtles.


Repashy Grub Pie Reptile

Grub Pie Reptile

Our Insect Based (75%) Meal Replacement Gel for Insectivorous Species of Reptiles and Amphibians. Great for Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Dwarf Monitors, Leopard Gecko, Fattail Geckoes, Salamanders and more. Insects are raised in the USA on high quality ingred


Repashy Bluey Buffet Omnivore/Skink Gel Food

Bluey Buffet Omnivore/Skink Gel Food

Our formula for Blue Tongue Skinks and other omnivorous species of reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, Lacertids, and other Skink species.


Repashy SuperFly Fruitfly Culturing Kit

SuperFly Fruitfly Culturing Kit

Instant formula for the cultivation of Drosophila. This premium blend is enriched with minerals, trace elements, vitamins and carotenoids to maximize the nutritional value of fruit flies when used as food.


Repashy Grubs 'N' Fruit Gecko Diet

Grubs 'N' Fruit Gecko Diet

This product is an ultra-premium complete diet that is designed to be an alternative to our regular Crested Gecko MRP formula. It features 50% real dried fruit, and 30% insect protein powder.


Repashy SuperHatch


SuperHatch is an excellent product to use in the incubator, which maintains the right humidity (indicated by a color change) and is reusable indefinitely. Ideal for Gecko eggs. It is made from a 100% natural blend.


Repashy Crested Gecko MRP Mango Superblend

Crested Gecko MRP Mango Superblend

Our Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) for all Fruit-Eating Geckos, such as Rhacodactylus, Phelsuma and Gekko.


Repashy Crested Gecko "CLASSIC" MRP

Crested Gecko "CLASSIC" MRP

This is a "Remix" of our original formula that uses Banana, Date, and Fig as the primary dried fruits, Whey Protein Isolate (from grass fed New Zealand Cows) as the primary source of Protein, and whole dried egg (high quality and sold for human consumptio


Repashy Crested Gecko MRP

Crested Gecko MRP

Our original formula uses banana, date and figure as the primary dried fruit as the primary source of protein, and the high quality dried whole egg (sold for human consumption) as a secondary source of protein and protein. main source of herbal material.


Repashy Calcium Plus Jar

Calcium Plus Jar

This “All-in-One” Calcium Supplement with added Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Carotenoids for Dusting Insects. No need for a Separate Vitamin Supplement.