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Pet-Tekk Worm Feeder Ledge

Worm Feeder Ledge

Leak proof worm bowl.


Pet-Tekk Feed or Water Ledge Replacement Bowl

Feed or Water Ledge Replacement Bowl

This replacement bowl is a replacement part for the Granite Water Bowl Set for Small and Medium Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates.


Pet-Tekk Feed OR Water Ledge 6.75 X 4"

Feed OR Water Ledge 6.75 X 4"

The Small Magnetic Powered Feed/Water Ledge is great for all small to medium reptile, amphibian and invertebrates.It attaches to one side of the terrarium with a magnetic ring.


Pet-Tekk Small Hanging Jungle

Small Hanging Jungle

Hanging jungles create a tropical terrarium by covering the back wall of a terrarium with a beautiful tropical plant.


Pet-Tekk Jungle Vine Bridge

Jungle Vine Bridge

Create vine bridges across your terrarium for chameleons, geckos, frogs and other small herps.


Pet-Tekk Reptile Dripper

Reptile Dripper

It allows water to flow drip through a container with a capacity of 2 cups. It is held to the side glass of the terrarium by a magnet.


Pet-Tekk Replacement Magnet Lock

Replacement Magnet Lock

Replacement magnet


Pet-Tekk Large Hanging Jungle

Large Hanging Jungle

Climbing leaves for tropical terrarium.


Pet-Tekk Extra-Strength Replacement Magnet Lock

Extra-Strength Replacement Magnet Lock

Extra Strength Replacement Magnet, 40% Stronger than the original Magnets!