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Nutrafin is a leader in providing quality feed for many species of fish

For more than 30 years, Nutrafin has improved the quality and efficiency of fish feed and water treatments. Our concern has always been to promote an aquatic environment that allows fish to develop well.

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Nutrafin Nutrafin goldfish food

Nutrafin goldfish food

Coldwater fish such as Goldfish and Koi do not require a diet that is high in protein. However, they will do better with a diet that is high in carbohydrates.


Nutrafin Blood worms

Blood worms

The level of protein found in this freeze-dried food is higher than that found in many other types of fish food.


Nutrafin Max Goldfish Sinking Pellets

Max Goldfish Sinking Pellets

Nutritious and very tasty, Goldfish Sinking Granules are the ultimate in goldfish nutrition.


Nutrafin Max Tropical Fish Flakes

Max Tropical Fish Flakes

Nutritious and very tasty, these Flakes for Tropical Fish are the best food for this type of fish.


Nutrafin Basix food for betta

Basix food for betta

Since bettas have very small stomachs, they should only be fed a pinch of food, once or twice a day.


Nutrafin Max flakes for goldfish

Max flakes for goldfish

Nutritious and very tasty, these goldfish flakes are the ultimate in goldfish nutrition.