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Marina provides aquarists of all skill levels a wide variety of easy-to-use and affordable aquatic products.

In addition, the wide variety of whimsical and colorful Marina decorations, plants and ornaments, brings a lot of life to aquariums. As for maintenance and reproduction accessories, they are practical, reliable and save time.

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Marina Plant EcoSca.Barclaya Longifolia 20cm

Plant EcoSca.Barclaya Longifolia 20cm

Incredibly realistic plant based on aquarium and terrarium.


Marina Rock Ornament

Rock Ornament

Personalize your betta aquarium or any terrarium with this beautiful rock-like ornament.


Marina Natural Malaysian Driftwood with Plants, Small

Natural Malaysian Driftwood with Plants, Small

Arranged individually or in groups, driftwood plant ornaments are lifelike replicas that add compelling natural features to aquariums and terrariums.


Marina Fish fillet

Fish fillet

This landing net facilitates and simplifies the handling of fish.

Its net, made of loosely woven nylon mesh, allows the landing net to be moved with a minimum of resistance.


Marina Decorative cave

Decorative cave

These decorative caves are made of polyester resin and mimic underwater caves.