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Element to help fight moths

Whether it's for cleaning wipes, moth wipes or moth treatment, we have the solution to help you get rid of these annoyances.

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Jurassipet JurassiShed - 100 ml

JurassiShed - 100 ml

Product to help your reptiles to molt well


Jurassipet JurassiTears - 100 ml

JurassiTears - 100 ml

Product for cleaning turtle eyes


Jurassipet Jurassipet CleanWipes pk of 26

Jurassipet CleanWipes pk of 26

They eliminate the presence of concentrated animal odors.


Jurassipet Moth repellent wipes

Moth repellent wipes

These wipes help get rid of mites, fleas and ticks.


Jurassipet Jurassi Mite

Jurassi Mite

This spray eliminates common parasites on reptiles and in enclosures like; Mites, fleas and ticks.