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Infrared Basking Spot nano 25W


The Exo Terra Nano Infrared Basking Bulb emits infrared heat waves and is an excellent source of constant heat in small terrariums.

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The gentle infrared heat produced by the special filaments of the bulb penetrates deep into the skin, muscles, nerves and bones of animals.

In addition, the Nano infrared basking bulb has a built-in reflector that directs light to a specific area and thus creates a place to bask, in addition to creating different temperature gradients. When the bulb is used as a constant heat source, the reddish light it emits does not interfere with the animals' physical activity patterns. The bulb therefore allows you to observe your reptiles, amphibians or crepuscular and nocturnal invertebrates during the night.

In addition, the small size of the infrared Nano bulb for basking is perfect for the Reptile Dome Nano Exo Terra dome lighting, a lighting accessory specially designed for mini terrariums or nanoterrariums.

Main characteristics :

Provides an excellent source of constant heat suitable for the Reptile Dome Nano Exo Terra dome light;
Provides animals with infrared heat essential for their activities and digestion;
Raises the overall temperature of the ambient air in the terrarium;
Does not disturb the physical activity habits of animals;
Is ideal for observing your animal at night;
Has a power of 25 W.


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