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Basking Spot 25 watt Nano

The Nano Exo Terra daytime basking bulb is an excellent source of daytime heat in small terrariums.

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The Nano daytime bulb is also ideal for creating a daylight cycle and natural temperature gradients for small or baby reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

In addition, the Nano daytime bulb has a built-in reflector that allows the light to be directed to a specific area and thus create a place to bask. In addition, the small size of the Nano daytime bulb is ideal for the Reptile Dome Nano Exo Terra lighting dome, a lighting accessory specially designed for mini terrariums or nanoterrariums.

Main characteristics :

Provides an excellent source of daytime heat suitable for the Reptile Dome Nano Exo Terra Dome Light;
Allows to create a place to bask favoring the thermoregulation of reptiles;
Raises the temperature of the ambient air in the terrarium;
Perfect for use with Exo Terra mini terrariums and nanoterrariums;
Has a power of 25 W.


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