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Thermostat with timer with daytime function and 600w double socket


With the Exo Terra 600W thermostat with day / night timer and two outlets, you can create a well-controlled 24 hour heating system that allows you to maintain required temperature conditions similar to those found in a desert or tropical environment.

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Daytime and nighttime temperatures can be set and controlled individually to ensure safe daytime and nighttime temperature fluctuations for your reptiles.

The thermostat will also help prevent overheating and subcooling on hot summer days or cold winter nights.

The Dimming & Pulse Proportional function maintains the temperature at the desired set point with much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats and virtually eliminates temperature variations in the terrarium.

The Exo Terra thermostat must be adjusted according to the needs of the animals. Carefully research the preferred Optimum Temperature Range (POTR) for your specific reptile, so that you can create the appropriate temperature gradients inside the terrarium to allow your reptiles to thermoregulate themselves. Always use a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside your terrarium. Adjust the Exo Terra thermostat according to the temperature range required for your pet's environment.


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