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Abricot - Fruit Mix™ Banana Apricot Complete Gecko Diet


The banana apricot formula integrates at the base, three complete sources of animal proteins.

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An excellent food for geckos, with the main source of protein and fat from egg isolates and protein. Eggs provide unique fatty acids, which makes apricot crested gecko food ideal for main food or for rotating other foods. We use all natural ingredients produced in North America and none from Asia. The Apricot Gecko Diet incorporates three comprehensive animal-based sources of protein. We use undenatured, microfiltered micellar casein as our sole source of slower digesting protein. We supplement this with whole eggs and whey protein isolates for an incredibly complete protein combination.

Geckos love the taste
Excellent crested gecko food
Good for all species eating fruit
Fortified with high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals

The apricot crested gecko diet is also high in fat. Great for geckos that don't eat insects. The vitamin and mineral content is great for keeping your geckos healthy, and produces excellent growth, reproduction and stunning egg quality This formula is universally accepted by our entire collection and is a favorite among our crested geckos, geckos gargoyle, and Leachianus! We have also tested it on day geckos with great results. This formula is less sticky than the others, so it is less likely to adhere to the toes or skin of the gecko.

Stages of life: Growth (feed daily or alternate with live food) Maintenance (fed 3-5 times per week) Reproduction (feed daily or alternate with live food). Adding Insects to Your Diet - PFM ™ Banana Apricot Complete has been formulated as a complete diet. Although it is not entirely necessary to offer insects by feeding a complete diet, it is beneficial for their health and for their mental enrichment.

Directions: Give Fruit Mix ™ Banana Apricot Wholegrain every day. Mix 1 part powder to 2 parts water, adjust to achieve desired consistency. The prepared mixture is good for up to 7 days if refrigerated. Open dry mix is ​​good for 6 months at room temperature or 1 year if refrigerated. Unopened product is preferable before 18 months. Occasional feeding of insects is recommended but optional.


Banana / Apricot Complete Fruit Blend 2 oz.
Banana / Apricot Complete Fruit Mix 8 oz.
Banana / Apricot Complete Fruit Mix 16 oz.
Banana / Apricot Complete Fruit Blend 64 oz.


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