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Spider wood

This is a versatile piece of wood in both aquascaping and bioactive terrariums.

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Spiderwood can be used to create mangroves, or underwater "trees" by attaching moss to the branches. The root like structure creates hiding spots for fauna, while providing multi-dimensional interest.

The range in sizing allows for a variety of uses in large aquariums or nano tanks.

In a bioactive setting, spiderwood can be used for climbing while also providing coverage for small geckos or invertabretes.

Extra Small: 4-6 '' AQ-SWXS
Small: 6-9 '' AQ-SWS
Medium: 9-12 '' AQ-SWM
Large: 14-16 '' AQ-SWL
Extra Wide: 16-20 '' AQ-SWXL
Jumbo: 20-24 '' AQ-SWXXL

The product shown is a large one.

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