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Silk worm

French name: Vers à soie
English name: Silk worm
Latin name: Bombyx mori

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Native to Asia, their pale color attracts attention, they are preys par excellence for reptiles and others, the soft body, juicy interior easy to digest and can reach 2 to 6 centimeters.

Silkworms should be kept in a warm, somewhat humid place with food at all times (mashed mulberry leaves) so that they develop quickly.

Longevity: 27 days (worms), 2-6 days (adult). You can get large or small depending on the size of the reptile.

Characteristics of silkworms:
More nutritious, very rich in protein. (easily replace 6 crickets)
More appetizing.
Harmless (cannot jump or escape)
Move slowly (your reptile is most likely to catch it)
Easier to swallow and digest.
Cannot hurt or bite your reptile
No smell or noise
Adult they are up to 10 times the size of a cricket

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