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Sand stone desert - ocher Sonoran desert


This substrate reproduces the natural soil of arid regions, such as deserts and savannah.

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It constitutes a natural desert soil, without dyes or chemicals. It does not collapse when dry and acts as an excellent conductor of heat.

The stone desert substrate replicates the natural soil of arid regions, such as deserts and savannah. Most desert soils are not made entirely of sand. Rather, they consist of a combination of sand, decomposed granite and clay, which creates interesting and sometimes colorful rock formations. This substrate makes it possible to carry out its own desert or savannah development. It can effectively be used to shape cool, damp burrows that allow reptiles, while sleeping or in hiding, to obtain much-needed moisture through skin absorption. The Substrate also allows for warm, elevated or basking places, which provide reptiles with a variety of temperature gradients important for thermoregulation. In order to form ridges, tunnels and platforms for basking and true to nature, it is sufficient to moisten the substrate. Once dry, the substrate retains its shape, while allowing reptiles to follow their natural digging and nesting instincts. Alternatively, you can cover the entire terrarium floor with landscaping substrate, or arrange separate areas and then cover the rest of the terrarium using a desert substrate of stone or sand. Desert stone substrate can also be used to secure heavy ornaments in place, such as branches or rock formations. It can also be used inside burrows to create a relatively humid microclimate. Desert succulents can be incorporated into the terrarium to enhance the natural look of the layout.

Can be used in a bioactive environment.


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