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ReptiSun® LED Terrarium Hood


Bright 6500K “daylight” LED high output light for truly natural lighting.

Article number: Z625
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Each module contains four 1 watt 6500K daylight type LEDs.

DOUBLE SWITCH to independently control the LEDs:
TWO-POSITION SWITCH: Blue “moonlight” LED Moonlite® LED (on / off)
THREE-POSITION SWITCH: LED 6500K Daylight only or -LED 6500K daylight with 620nm red LEDs for growing live plants (white / off / white + red).

ADJUSTABLE: Rails on slides allow for the correct mounting size. 22 to 33 cm (9 ”to 13”)

An optional "aircraft cable" stainless steel suspension kit included.

Individual LED modules and quick connectors make it easy to replace LEDs. Never throw away your LED galleries again!


-WHITE ONLY: 6500K daylight for natural light illumination of reptile and amphibian habitats. Ideal for habitats without live plants or with artificial plants.
-WHITE with RED: 6500K daylight with 620nm red for habitats with live plants. Red lights provide wavelengths that stimulate plant growth.
-BLUE MOON LITE ®: Soft 60 milliwatt blue LED light simulates “moonlight” allowing nighttime visibility. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE INCLUDED


 ReptiSun® LED Terrarium Hood for terr. 9-13 "LF-80 (Z625)
 ReptiSun® LED Terrarium Hood for terr. 18-26 "LF-81 (Z626)
 ReptiSun® LED Terrarium Hood for terr. 30-38 "LF-82 (Z627)
 ReptiSun® LED Terrarium Hood for terr. 48-60 "LF-83(Z628)

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