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Repti Fogger™ Terrarium Humidifier


Excellent for use with tropical and equatorial species of reptiles and amphibians.

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Perfect for:

Chameleons and anoles.
Amphibians (including dentrobates).
Tropical geckos (including crested geckos and phelsuma).
Land turtle species (eg, red-legged great turtles, yellow-legged great turtles, and knuckle-back savannah turtles).
Baby turtles and young turtles.
Box turtles.
Hermit crab.

Ready to use. Contains the following:

A REPTI FOGGER ™ base unit with misting adjustment control.
Fully adjustable flexible tubes that pump fog into your terrarium.
One liter bottle and "anti-spill" valve for easy removal and filling.
The flexible tube extends from 25 cm to 81 cm to adapt to different dimensions of terrariums and arrangements.

Optional accessories:

Zoo Med's HYGROTHERM ™ Humidity and Temperature Controller (Item # HT-10E).
Zoo Med's naturalistic terrarium (available in four sizes).
The Zoo Med Precision Analog Thermometer and Hygrometer (Item # TH-22E).


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