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Repti Calcium® without D3

Ce produit, avec ou sans vitamine D3 de Zoo Med est un complément de calcium sans phosphore pour les reptiles et les amphibiens.

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We only use calcium carbonate which is white in color and virtually lead free. Impurities in other sources of calcium carbonate (eg oyster shell calcium) cause the gray tint. With REPTI CALCIUM ®, you know your reptiles are absorbing a highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate devoid of harmful impurities.


Repti Calcium® without D3 3 oz. A33-3 (Z591)
Repti Calcium® without D3 8 oz. A33-8 (Z592)
Repti Calcium® without D3 12 oz. A33-12 (Z593)
Repti Calcium® without D3 48 oz A33-48 (Z594)

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