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These vines are the perfect addition to any terrarium or paludarium environment

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The variety in this line has uniquely colored red, green and yellow verified leaves that add an extra touch of natural color and personality to the enclosure. Perfect for arboreal species such as anoles, frogs, geckos, chameleons and many more, these beautiful vines can be folded, shaped and placed anywhere in the enclosure to create original and hyper realistic models from the natural environment of your favorite animal.

Made of non-toxic, animal-safe polyethylene, the vines are easy to clean and are six feet long. Comes with two suction cups to allow placement in the tank.

Available colors:

Pothos, 6 ft 64141
Purple coleus, 6 ft 64142
English ivy 6 ft 64140
Red Coleus, 6 ft 64143

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