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Natural Cork Round


Create a naturalistic look in your terrarium with NewCal Cork Rounds! All-natural wood product, ethically sourced and reptile safe.

Article number: DC11
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Full rounds can be used laying flat or standing up in a terrarium as secure hiding spaces for your reptiles. Cut them in half for double ground hides!

Easy to clean
Can be used as a floating basking island in aquariums for turtles
Creates a secure and enriching environment for all reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids (i.e. tarantulas)
Can be easily cut to any desired length or shape.

Sizing information:
Small approx. 4-6 "Length, 3-6" Dia. DC11
Medium approx. 7-9 "Length, 3-6" Dia. DC12
Large approx. 10-12 "Length, 4-8" Dia. DC13
X Large Approx. 13-15 "Length, 4-8" Dia. DC14
XX Large Approx. 16-20 "Length, 4-8" Dia. DC15
Jumbo approx. 21-26 "Length, 5-8" Dia. DC16

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