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Nano dome reptile lighting with stand


Thanks to its elegant and functional shape, the Reptile Dome Nano Exo Terra lighting dome is an ideal lighting device in small terrariums.

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The highly polished aluminum reflector significantly increases light and heat output. In addition, its heat-resistant ceramic socket is suitable for incandescent bulbs up to 40 W.

The adjustable stand allows the device to be adjusted from left to right to direct heat or light sources to a chosen basking area in the terrarium. The device can be moved up or down to adjust the distance between the basking bulb and the animals, thus regulating the temperature of the basking area.

In addition, the lamp can be easily turned on or off using the on / off switch on the extra long power cord. Sleek shape, along with safety and ease of use, are central to the creation of this advanced device. Just glue the self-adhesive backing to the glass wall of the terrarium and the light is ready to use.

Main characteristics :

Has an elegant and functional shape ideal for mini terrariums and nanoterrariums;
Significantly increases the emissions of light, heat and YVB rays thanks to its highly polished aluminum dome;
Is easy to install and fully adjustable;
Perfect for Nano Exo Terra bulbs (40W bulb type A);
Has a heat-resistant ceramic socket;
Contains self-adhesive backing for added security;
Includes on / off switch and 180 cm (6 ft) power cord.


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