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Monsoon Multi II misting system


Misting system that helps maintain optimal humidity by producing a fine mist at scheduled intervals.

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The duration and frequency of the mist can be easily adjusted depending on the type of plants or animals being kept. Frequent misting helps stimulate reproduction and is essential for maintaining living tropical plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, mosses etc.

The system can be programmed to produce a mist multiple times per 24 hour cycle, for periods ranging from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. The voluminous 8 L reservoir allows continuous operation for several days without having to refill it; no need to uninstall the entire system.

-This system is programmable for terrariums and greenhouses
-Connection and installation are easy
-It includes a powerful hydraulic pump with pressure of 4.5 bar (65.25psi)
-Its flexible spray nozzles (up to 6) that can be pointed in all directions
-Polyether hoses resist pressure and have leak-proof fittings
-The tank has a capacity of 8 L 92 gal US)
-Filling is easy


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