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MistKing v5.0 Advanced Misting System (3/8" Backbone)


This is the latest 5th generation advanced misting system. Created based on the most frequently ordered parts and feedback from our customers.

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Every version sold before had major improvements that made it better than the previous one. This time around, we tackled improving the timers and adding a few crucial parts.

In the previous version, we created 3 fully customized timers suitable for various applications. You can choose and customize your system and control it exactly the way you need it. Select the timer you want in your system. To learn more about how each timer works, please visit the timer page.

MistKing is always improving. Over the years, we've spotted a small amount of improvement over our previous version. In version 5, these are:

Improved timer electronics. Timers now have 3 times the electronic value, which equips them better to cope with power outages and high inductive demand of MistKing pumps. This should improve system failure rates and increase the reliability of MistKing.

Bulkhead Reservoir was custom designed from the ground up and is exclusive to MistKing. With its dense metal thread, you can now tighten with all the force required without worrying about stripping. We even tested the bulkheads to squeeze a bucket without an O-ring and got a perfect seal. However, use an O-ring for added security.

We now also include a small tank filter. No need to worry about floating debris getting sucked into the system and clogging your nozzle. We like the black color in our systems, but the filter is white to make it easier to spot when it needs to be flushed.

The advanced misting system with a 3/8 "backbone is a significantly more powerful system than the starter or ultimate. Unless you go past 15-20 nozzles, we do not recommend switching to this misting system. . Includes pump capable of pressures up to 125 psi. Supports 10 to 70+ nozzles of your choice. Actual number of nozzles depends on system complexity. Pump can run continuously for hours, EVEN AT DRY! These pumps are made specifically for MistKing and are very heavy duty.
This is the 5th generation misting system which includes the new seconds timer. If your need requires another timer, be sure to select it from the options on the right. To learn more about how each works, visit the timer page.

-Large capacity diaphragm pump with 3/8 "fittings.
-24V - 110V power adapter (CE and cUL certified)
-3 / 8 "metal tank bulkhead with cap
-3 / 8 "ball valve
-35 feet of 1/4 "black opaque tubing (to connect the nozzles)
-15 feet of 3/8 "black opaque tubing (to connect the reservoir to the pump and operate the 3/8" nozzle)
-12 value "T" misting sets
-Misting sets with 3 "L" values
-2 reducing T fittings (3/8 "to 1/4")
-1 Reducing elbow fittings (3/8 "to 1/4")
-20 1/4 "tube clips
-10 3/8 "tube clips
-Improved ST-24 seconds timer
-3 / 8 "tank filter
-Installation instructions

This set can be used as is, just purchase an appropriately sized tank. If you intend to use more nozzles, we recommend extending the spine of the tube by 3/8 "and adding additional reducing tee connections (link), then dividing them into rows 1/4 "which will supply the various misting assemblies. Alternatively, you can use a 7 port manifold fed from 3/8 "tubing or a combination of the two.

We suggest using this kit as a backbone for a custom misting system. Just add parts, nozzles, tubes and grow this work horse. If you need help designing a system that will suit your particular situation, please contact us. Hobbyists and zoos manage all of their animal rooms on the basis of this set or multiple sets.


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