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Virgin cork background


All-Natural Bark Background for your Terrarium

Article number: NC-CBG812
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A carefully curated collection of ethically sourced, all-natural items designed to inspire hobbyists in creating the ultimate terrarium or aquarium setting. Enrich plant and animal environments by using a variety of our high-quality nuts, seeds, pods, woods, branches and substrates to create a bioactive paradise.

Pre-sized to fit leading brand terrariums and vivariums
Create a distinctive display by attaching live plants and mosses
Mold and mildew resistant; perfect for high-humidity environments
Panels can be cut to size or fitted together to create one seamless background
Use aquarium safe silicone to hold the background in place if desired

Available formats:
8x12" NC-CBG812
12x12" NC-CBG1212
12x18" NC-CBG1218
18x24" NC-CBG1824

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