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Day/Night Tropical Lighting Kit


The set includes one double light, one 60 watt blue daytime bulb, and one 60 watt red nighttime bulb.

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The mini deep dome combo lamp: LF-23

The dome finish which is polished aluminum increases light and UV production by up to 30%. The deep dome extends beyond the face of the bulb preventing it from sticking out of the bulb.

Use with standard 36 ”reptile lamp holder.

One 60 watt blue daytime bulb:

The blue daylight bulb is ideal for heating terrariums for your reptiles or amphibians, and is made of untinted blue glass for better heat transfer.

A 60 watt red night light bulb:

The red night light bulb is made of tint-free glass for better heat transfer. It is perfect for observing nocturnal reptiles without disturbing them.

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