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Day/Night Desert Lighting Kit


The set includes one double light, one 75 watt daytime heat bulb, and one 75 watt infrared nighttime heater bulb.

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The mini deep dome combo lamp: LF-34

The dome finish which is polished aluminum increases light and UV production by up to 30%. The deep dome extends beyond the face of the bulb preventing it from sticking out of the bulb.

Use with standard 36 ”reptile lamp holder.

The 75 watt daytime heating bulb:

Repti Basking Spot Lamp heat lamps are for all types of reptiles. Just use the right wattage for the size of your terrarium and the species of reptile. It increases the general ambient temperature inside your terrarium. Very useful for tropical or desert species like iguanas, bearded dragons, etc.

The 75 watt infrared night heater:

The infrared night heater bulb is made of real red glass, no paint or stain. It creates little visible light emitted so as not to disrupt your reptile's sleep cycle. The bulb can be used during the day for less aggressive lighting.

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