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Cubaris Jupiter 6+ (Special order)


Cultivated small arthropods, perfect for feeding amphibians, very small lizards and even other invertebrates.

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Live insects / frozen rodents - Pick up in store the same day. An email will be sent when the order is ready. Orders not picked up during the day will be canceled and there will be no refund.

They can be used as complementary food because they are quite nutritious. Also, these arthropods are very useful for planted terrarium: they are saprophages, which are animals that mainly eat decaying plants and various microorganisms present in the substrate such as fungi, bacteria and algae. You can buy some simply to inoculate your planted terrariums and thus reduce the frequency of cleaning to be done.

Advantages :
- They are relatively nutritious.
- They are easy to keep.
- You can easily breed it at home.
- They can be used as cleaners for planted terrariums.


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