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Sexing / Claw

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Sexing / Claw

Whether determining the sex of your reptile or for a claw cut, Magazoo, Universe of Reptiles has the expertise to do it safely.

Important service at low cost!


Sexing ($ 5.00 per individual)

It is possible to come to the store to have your reptile sexed. Magazoo, Universe of Reptiles, has all the necessary probes to safely sex your animal.

Whether it is for a lizard or a snake, we are able to do it. It is important to know the sex of our reptile for several reasons:

  • to be sure not to have two males cohabit together
  • if you want to reproduce
  • a female may have unfertile eggs
  • a male stops eating during the breeding season


No appointment is necessary and if we cannot be sure about sex for different reasons, no fee will be charged.


The claw cut ($ 5.00 per individual)

It is very important to have the claws of the lizards trimmed (if necessary).

There are several reasons why we need to prune them;


  • To prevent the reptile from injuring itself and to limit the risk of infections that could result from the loss of one or more fingers.
  • For aesthetics
  • So that handling is not unpleasant and reduce the risk of scratches


When cutting, if you decide to do it yourself, it is important to cut only the tip. Many reptiles have long claws because they are designed so. This is why it is advisable to have them cut by professionals because they have the experience, the habit and can thus avoid injury and inconvenience to your lizard.


There are also several reptiles that do not need claw pruning. For example, the large family of geckos, chameleons and a few others.


If you are unsure whether or not your lizard needs a claw cut, please contact us.