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We have been hosting educational and entertaining presentations since 1994. We are the first in Quebec that has introduced you to a home safari.

Live a safari!

With our reptiles and more; amphibians, tarantulas, snakes, lizards, turtles, scorpions and alligators, Magazoo party comes to the place that suits you best in order to demystify and make known these new pets still unknown.

Many organizations and individuals have already used our services to entertain while having fun during presentations in schools, libraries, daycare services, children's parties, exhibitions such as; the Salon des Reptiles, exhibitions at the Olympic Stadium, Quebec Coliseum, etc.

Our presentations are always very popular with the public.

It is possible to adapt our activities according to the specific needs of an event / party.

Whether it is costumes worn by our animators (ex: arabian nights, Indiana Jones or others) or the decor and setting up of the room or even specific activities (ex: challenge, competition, Fort Boyard), we can make your event a success!

During your next activity, call on our services! Our prices are very affordable and we can organize a tailor-made event according to your requests!

Important and for your information, we have all the necessary permits and insurance for this type of event.


Note: Magazoo, Universe of Reptiles, ensures at all times that the safety of animators, animals and participants is the priority. The goal is not to scare or distort the behavior of reptiles. Because of this, Magazoo reserves the right to refuse certain requests which go against its principles.

Here is a short video on our visit to the SNAC de Sherbrooke in 2017