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Arboreal Food & Water Dish

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Tree-dwelling reptiles are often reluctant to use ground-level food and water dishes. The Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish is a convenient food and water dish combo that can be mounted at any desired height.

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Simply stick the self-adhesive clip to the glass of your terrarium and mount the dish to provide your reptiles with a convenient food and water facility.
Fill the small compartment with Gecko Food or nectar, mashed fruits, vitamin & mineral mixes etc. The larger compartment is a water dish, with built-in safety steps to help prevent smaller geckos or feeding insects from drowning. The clip-system allows you to easily remove and clean the food & water dish.

It is equipped with safety steps, prevents very small reptiles or feeding insects from drowning. In addition, thanks to its interlocking system, you can easily remove the bowl from the terrarium for filling or cleaning. 2 in 1 bowl for serving water and food, ideal for reptiles and arboreal amphibians, looks like a real rock and fits in terrariums reproducing desert or tropical climate, can be installed at the desired height, quick and convenient fixing; fits into a small piece with an adhesive surface.


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