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6500K Canopy Forests LED Bulb

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Energy-efficient screw-base LED bulb with integrated ballast makes an ideal light source for bioactive terrariums with plants.

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The high levels of visible light emitted contribute to the physiological well-being of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in addition to allowing them to perceive and appreciate the colors of their environment more naturally. In addition, the particular composition of the wavelengths combined with the high light intensity considerably favors the growth of lush and robust plants. The 6.500K illumination of the LED bulb reproduces the unfiltered sunlight of the canopy of tropical regions. Orchids, bromeliads, tillandsias (aerial plants), carnivorous plants, mosses and lichen living in the upper layers of the forest therefore flourish thanks to the powerful active photosynthetic radiation of this bulb. The bulb's wavelengths, made up of blue, green, red, and even traces of far red, regulate the rate of growth and coloration of leaves, stems and roots in addition to encouraging growth. flowering.


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