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Vertical Décor - Rock Cave


This elegant piece of decor is painted to mimic the beautiful natural realism of rock caves covered in moss.

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Perfect for arboreal reptiles and amphibians such as geckos, tree frogs, anole snakes and chameleons, it is the perfect addition to any terrarium or paludarium.

Made of lightweight and durable hard moss, this elegant piece of décor is painted to mimic the beautiful natural realism of moss-covered rock caves, adding greatly to the "wild" atmosphere of your enclosure.

Benefiting from secure suction cups, you can quickly and easily affix this crisp and realistic cave anywhere on the glass of the enclosure, helping to distribute the usable space of the tank itself.

With a deep hollow body and a sturdy flat top, the rock cave helps provide your precious pet with a unique way to feed, bask and hide. 8.75 x 5.875 x 7.25 in


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