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Uniheat Heat Reptile Transport Heating Pad

Unique heaters designed for shipping fish, corals and exotic animals.

Article number: UH-20
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They are used worldwide by wholesalers and exporters. The heater activates and is ready for use within 3 to 5 minutes of exposure to air, with no kneading or shaking.

A heat pad will increase the temperature of a 1 cubic foot box by 20 degree C; for each additional heat pad you use, the temperature will rise an additional 10 degrees.

There is also a heat indicator.

The content is environmentally friendly, disposable and the interior is biodegradable.

Available formats:
20 hrs: UH-20
30 hrs: UH-30
40 hrs L UH-40
60 hrs: UH-60
72 hrs L UH-72
96 hrs: UH-96

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