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Paludarium Heater


Programmable digital heating for paludarium.

Article number: Z979
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Digital temperature display.
Fully submersible.
Auto shut off if removed from water.
Suction cup mounting.
Extra long 9.8 ’(3 m) cord.


For use in Paludariums and aquatic habitats with up to 15 gallons of water.
Mount on side or back wall of habitat using enclosed suction cups.
Keep your animals at the temperature they need in order to thrive.

ADJUSTABLE: Simply attach to inside wall of your tank and plug in. The Paludarium Heater can be programmed to heat the water from 68-93 ° F (20-34 ° C).

HEALTHY: Keep your fish or aquatic pets at the temperature they need to thrive. Helps prevent loss of appetite due to cold water time.

Comes in 3 sizes:
25 watts for max of 7 gal of water Z979 PH-25
50 watts for max of 15 gal of water Z979A PH-50
100 watts for max of 30 gal of water Z979B PH-100

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