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MistKing v5.0 Ultimate Misting System


This is the latest 5th generation ultimate misting system. Created based on the most frequently ordered parts and feedback from our customers coupled with our constant thirst to do better.

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Every version sold before had major improvements that made it better than the previous one. This time around, we tackled improving the timers and adding a few crucial parts.

In the previous version, we created 3 fully customized timers suitable for various applications. You can choose and customize your system and control it exactly the way you need it. Select the timer you want in your system.

MistKing is always improving. Over the years, we've spotted a small amount of improvement over our previous version. In version 5, these are:

Improved timer electronics. Timers now have 3 times the electronic value, which equips them better to cope with power outages and high inductive demand of MistKing pumps. This should improve system failure rates and increase the reliability of MistKing.

Bulkhead Reservoir was custom designed from the ground up and is exclusive to MistKing. With its dense metal thread, you can now tighten with all the force required without worrying about stripping. We even tested the bulkheads to squeeze a bucket without an O-ring and got a perfect seal. However, use an O-ring for added security.

We now also include a small tank filter. No need to worry about floating debris getting sucked into the system and clogging your nozzle. We like the black color in our systems, but the filter is white to make it easier to spot when it needs to be flushed.

This ultimate value v5.0 misting system includes

-24V DC misting pump, capable of operating up to 20 nozzles. The pump is very robust and can run dry !!! This pump has been tested for a long time in the field and in the factory and by us personally. It has extremely low failure rates and it just WORKS! We tried a lot of push-ups before we got to this one. Custom made for MistKing.com and unique to us. The pump is suitable for 1/4 "tubing and includes vibration damping rubber feet.
-Pump power adapter. (cUL list)
-3 T-Value Mist Kits. Each assembly is tested and includes our ultra low flow check valve spray nozzle, custom made in black with an average droplet size of approximately 50 microns. Check valve tips greatly reduce mist dripping after. These nozzles can be adjusted and positioned in any direction. Can be securely attached to any surface up to 0.625 "(5/8") or 1.5 cm thick. This misting kit is patented at the USPTO.
-ZipDrip valve with 1/4 "fittings - our nozzle tips already greatly reduce drip, but ZipDrip eliminates post-fog drip, resulting in ZERO (Zip) drip! See it in action.
- Tank bulkhead with O-ring and cap.
-25 feet of 1/4 "black opaque tubing
- 1/4 "manual ball valve
-ST-24 digital seconds timer - with instructions.
-10 tube clips with screws
-Pipe cutter with pliers tool.
- "T" connector (in case you want to split the tube)
- "L" connector (in case you need to turn 90 degrees with the tube)
Y connector cable to connect the ZipDrip valve and pump together to the timer.
-Reference manual

Ultimate System can silently operate 1 nozzle or up to 20 nozzles. Our misting systems have been applied in a multitude of applications, reptile enclosures, amphibian terrariums / vivariums, grow shelves with orchids or exotic plants, hobby greenhouses and even grocery store applications and industrial. Major zoos, botanical gardens, educational institutions, businesses and individual hobbyists have all recognized our commitment to quality and customer service and use our systems around the world.

We do not ship tank buckets with our sets. No need to add to shipping costs for something that can be purchased locally for a few dollars.

Our misting systems come with instructions and a push-in bulkhead fitting to convert any bucket or container into a tank. Plastic buckets retail for $ 3-8 depending on the size.

Screen Top Shims are useful for installing misting assemblies in tops or screen cages. Not necessary for solid surfaces that can be drilled like glass, acrylic, wood, etc. Perfectly sized with countersunk holes and mounting screws included.


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