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Matelas en fibre de coco - Coconut Coir Fiber Pad


Komodo Coconut Fiber Terrarium Liners are an easy, sustainable, and eco-friendly solution to your pet’s bedding.

Article number: KD-93355
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The liner is made of 100% natural coconut fiber and is non-toxic and pesticide free. The liner is absorbent and chemical free and can be washed and reused.

HOW TO USE: First, measure your tank to find your desired size. Remove the product from its packaging and fully submerge in water to help loosen the roll. Once saturated, re-roll the fiber pad in the opposite direction to help flatten completely. Cut the liner to the desired dimensions of your tank. Once complete, place your liner inside the tank. When cleaning your tank, hang your liner to dry. Clean, wash, dispose of, and replace as needed.

Available formats:
10×20" KD-93355
12×30" KD-93356
18×36" KD-93357


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