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Galho Estela Natural Cork Branch

Create a naturist look with the natural, ethical and reptile-safe cork branch.

Article number: NC-GECB12
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These cork branches have a thick, rough outer bark, perfect for reptiles that prefer to climb and bask on high perches. These branches are light and very sturdy.

Can be used in bioactive terrariums with various species of reptiles. Easy to clean. Can be cut to size and floats in aquariums.

This is a natural product. There will be variations in size, shape, diameter and appearance from part to part.


Size 1-1.5 '' diameter 12 '' long: NC-GECB12
Size 1-1.5 '' diameter 24 '' long: NC-GECB24
Size 1-15. in diameter 36 in long: NC-GECB36

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