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Floating Aquarium Log


Naturalistic floating log for all types of aquarium fish, newts, frogs, or mudskippers.

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It ensures safety and comfort for animals living in aquariums while helping to limit the stress to which they are subjected.

The log is "weighted" to prevent it from rolling on itself when newts, frogs and periophthalmos climb on it.

Watch your aquarium animals play, sleep, feed or breed inside the log.

The new Zoo Med Aquarium Floating Log is an “interactive” floating aquarium decorative element ideal for fish, frogs, newts, periophthalmos and other aquarium animals that find a place to sleep, play or breed. This log is weighted at the base so that it does not “roll over on itself” and has a particularly practical “feed hole” at the top.

See the activities of your aquarium animals in the new Zoo Med Aquarium Floating Log, just as if they were in the wild.


Floating Aquarium Log Large FA-30 (Z157S)
Floating Aquarium Log Medium FA-20 (Z157M)
Floating Aquarium Log Small FA-10 (Z157L)

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