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Sturdy natural looking branch ideal for arboreal species.

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It is the perfect addition to any terrarium environment. Ideal for arboreal species such as tree frogs, snakes, geckos and chameleons, these natural looking branches help provide great places to climb, bask and relax while turning a boring glass tank into a a living and unique jungle. The branches themselves are flexible, allowing pet owners to tailor the branches to their animal's specifications, while still being significantly more robust and stable than traditional vines. The enhanced, animal-safe colors will not run or bleed. The large branch is 6 feet long and 5/8 inch in diameter.

Small 1/8 '' diameter, 6 'long: 64050
Medium 3/8 '' diameter, 6 'long: 64049
Large 5/8 '' diameter, 6 'long: 64048

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