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Arcadia T5 D3+ 12% UVB


This 14% T5 tube is designed for premium UVB output, suitable for high UV yield species such as Uromastyx, Agamas, African Turtles, Iguanas and Desert Monitor Lizards.

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This is a T5 version too, meaning it is more energy efficient than T8 models and generates more light per watt.

For desert reptiles such as Bearded Dragons kept in vivariums, the Arcadia D3+ UV T5 Reptile Lamp is perfect for giving them the UVB light they need to generate the all-important Vitamin D3 they need to absorb calcium.

The Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp has a higher UV light output that most reptile strip lights - a healthy 12% UV, better simulating the natural light your reptile would have received in desert conditions, where foliage and cloud cover are limited and your reptile would bask in the full heat and UV light of the sun.

This basking in UV means your reptile can synthesise vitamin D3 - an essential part of reptile keeping - allowing them to assimilate the dietary calcium in their food and turn it into strong and healthy bones, avoiding otherwise common deformities and MBD.

A newer and better type of UV strip light, this Arcadia D3+ lamp is a T5 fluorescent tube, using less

The reptile lamp should be positioned between 15 and 20cm above the reptile's head to maximise the scope of the lamp, and it is best used with a T5 reflector to ensure more of the light is shone towards your reptile.

Arcadia 24w T5 D3+ 12% UVB 22" RFD3P24T5
Arcadia 39w T5 D3+ 12% UVB 34" RFD3P39T5
Arcadia 54w T5 D3+ 12% UVB 46" RFD3P54T5

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