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Very tall glass terrarium

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This new extra tall Exo Terra glass terrarium format is perfect for arboreal reptile and amphibian species!

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This terrarium includes all the other features of the Exo Terra glass terrariums. This terrarium designed by European herpetologists is the perfect habitat for reptiles and amphibians. The front doors facilitate maintenance and feeding. The terrarium latch is specially designed to prevent reptiles from escaping and it allows the doors to be opened separately.

The fully removable mesh cover allows UVB and infrared rays to penetrate and provides easy access for decorating and cleaning the terrarium. Behind the mesh cover on each side are five resealable wire and hose entries. This simplifies the installation of Heat Wave heat stones, waterfalls, probes, etc., in the terrarium. The base thereof is raised to allow installation of a substrate heating film to heat a portion of the enlarged surface.

The front window, placed very high, is ideal for adding thick layers of substrate (for digging reptiles), aquatic accessories (paludarium) or for installing an Exo Terra shelter for reptiles. The background imitating natural roots is the same color as all Exo Terra decorative accessories (water bowls, waterfalls, heat stones, etc.) and provides one more object for reptiles to climb on.

Main characteristics :

Front window ventilation
Two doors for access preventing runaways
Waterproof bottom
Raised lower frame
Stainless steel mesh cover
Latch to prevent runaways
Easy locking for the mesh cover
Reclosable holes for wires or pipes
Notch at the back for wires or pipes

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