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Reptile Egg Incubation Container with Tray


6 separate compartments for egg clutches in a sturdy transparent plastic case.

Article number: NC-ITWC
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Can contain 14 eggs. It maintains humidity while allowing a good level of air circulation.,

The clear plastic allows you to visually inspect your eggs throughout the incubation period and prevent disturbance of the eggs.

The innovative design of the trays allows for increased air circulation around the eggs, with two additional raised ridges on each side to prevent the eggs from rolling from an upright position when in place. They are designed with feet that allow several containers to be placed on top of each other.

We recommend using the Incubation - SuperHatch (RSSH6, RSSH88) product with this container for reliable results.

Measure: 7 X 5 X 2 in


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