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Corner aquarium for betta


This product is a 1.2L acrylic aquarium with a modern curved design.

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Perfect for desktops, counters, and other small spaces, this set makes a beautiful environment for your favorite Betta and includes just about everything you need to get started - just add the water and fish.

To light up your Betta's new home, this aquarium is equipped with a color changing LED light base. This attractive cycle runs through the colors of the rainbow to help accentuate the beauty of your Betta and its surroundings. It is activated by an on / off switch, and works with 3 x AAA batteries (sold separately).

This product is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Perfect for beginners and experienced aquarists, this complete kit includes a safety cover with feeding hole, betta water conditioner, betta food sample, decorative gravel, and a plastic plant.

Use the included decor, or add your own for a more personal touch.

Dimensions: 7 X 4 X 6.5 "


Corner aquarium for black betta (52066)
Corner aquarium for gray betta (52065)

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