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Cartridges for Whisper® Power Filters - Bio-Bag® Large/Regular - 3 pk


Seapora Rite-Fit Powerful Whisper® Filter Cartridges provide superior filtration, helping to create and maintain a healthy, crystal-clear aquarium.

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These filter cartridges use powerful multi-stage filtration with premium, fast-acting activated carbon to remove discoloration, odors and organic impurities from your aquarium. The carbon inside the cartridge is evenly distributed through the use of an internal grid frame, which increases contact time with water and improves the efficiency of chemical filtration. The thick wire filters also contribute to the effectiveness of these filters: they remove dirt and free-hanging debris, as well as the biological filtration provided by beneficial bacteria after the start of their growth on the large surface. of the cartridge. Simple to use, just replace the Seapora Rite-Fit cartridge once every 2-4 weeks.

Rite-Fit PF55 fits 20 Gallon Frag Seapora display tanks, Whisper® C / 1/2/3/20/30/40/60 / 20i / 40i, Aquarium Masters PF55 and Deep Blue Professional ™ filtration systems 55 and Frag Tray. Works as a disposable alternative to the large / regular Whisper® Bio-Bag®. Not suitable for Whisper® EX filters.

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