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Bamboo forest mat

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Bamboo Forest Mat is a multi-layered substrate that allows you to recreate the forest mat as it is in nature.

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A top layer mainly made up of fresh leaves;
A lower layer of organic material usually including decayed leaves and wood.
Main characteristics :

Is 100% natural;
Constitutes a multilayer substrate;
Looks like natural forest carpet;
Keeps the soil soft and moist;
Allows animals to hide;
Provides a nutrient substrate for living plants;
Is ideal for any natural terrarium arrangement;
Absorbs bad odors and is heat treated
Is made from sustainable resources;
Can be composted without danger;
Consists of a blend of bamboo leaves, 2.2 L (2 qt) and coconut shell fibers, 6.6 L (6 qt).

8.8L (PT3141)
4.4L (PT3111)

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