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Aztec water bowl

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The Exo Terra Aztec product line lets you recreate the mystical atmosphere of this ancient Mesoamerican civilization in your own terrarium.

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Aztec terrariums and ornaments are reminiscent of the magnificent works of art and impressive remains of pre-Columbian civilizations. Revive the glory of this civilization by decorating your terrarium with handy Aztec Exo Terra ornaments!

The Exo Terra Aztec Water Bowl adds a touch of Mesoamerican style to any terrarium. The imperial gardens of Tetzcotzinco, dedicated to Tlaloc, god of rain, contained a basin carved out of the stone.

It is important to always leave a source of clean, fresh water available to your reptiles and amphibians. The Exo Terra Aztec Water Bowl has been specially designed to be difficult for terrarium inhabitants to knock over, limiting water damage.

Main characteristics :

Ornament inspired by pre-Columbian civilizations;
Mesoamerican style;
Easy maintenance;
Smooth, non-porous surface that does not absorb harmful bacteria;
Bowl designed to be difficult to tip over and limit water damage;

Small Dimensions: Diam. 7.5 x H. 2.5 cm (diam. 3 x H. 1 in.) Capacity: 15 ml. PT3169
Medium Dimensions: Diam. 13 x H. 3.8 cm (diam. 5 x H. 1.5 in) Capacity: 120 ml. PT3170

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