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Aztec stash in the shape of a sunstone

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La gamme de produits aztèques Exo Terra permet de recréer l’atmosphère mystique de cette ancienne civilisation méso-américaine dans votre propre terrarium.

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The Exo Terra Sun Stone adds a touch of Mesoamerican style to any terrarium. The Aztecs believed that this stone, also called the “Aztec calendar”, had the power to show them their destiny. The symbols carved on the stone tell of the genesis and the end of the world, and in the center is the face of the Sun God Tonatiuh, the main Aztec deity.

Adequate hiding is an essential part of a natural terrarium: the Sunstone-shaped hiding place provides your pets with a secure shelter that promotes thermoregulation and proper hydration.

Main characteristics :

Ornament inspired by pre-Columbian civilizations;
Mesoamerican style;
Accessory constituting a safe shelter;
Hiding place to promote thermoregulation and hydration;
Format: Small;
Dimensions: Diam. 13 x H. 4.5 cm (diam. 5.1 x H. 1.8 in).

13 X 4.5 cm PT3165
18 X 7.5 cm PT3166

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